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Chang insists Gov't and Opposition have broad consensus on crime

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Chang insists Gov't and Opposition have broad consensus on crime

National security minister, Dr Horace Chang, says while there has been no formal meeting in recent weeks with the parliamentary Opposition, there is broad consensus on several crime-fighting initiatives put forward by the Government. 

Chang said that there has been dialogue with the Opposition “over the year”, however, there was a “breaking point of consensus” on a critical element. That element is the use of states of public emergency. 

He said there has been a broad consensus on the reform of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, in terms of training, expansion and equipment. 

“When we get into legislation to manage hardened criminals we get the issue of the constitutional limits that we are faced with,” said Chang, who was speaking at Wednesday morning’s post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House in St Andrew. 

“The lawyers are discussing it, but it’s not only a matter of agreement. We had an agreement before the election, which indicated clearly we could go for states of public emergency when the numbers exceeded 32 per 100,000. That has broken down,” he added. 

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