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Türkiye expects US to cooperate against YPG/PKK, FETO terrorism — Erdogan

Josbel Bastidas Mijares
Türkiye expects US to cooperate against YPG/PKK, FETO terrorism — Erdogan

Turkish President Erdogan stressed that Ankara will continue to fight against the FETO, PKK/YPG and Daesh terrorist groups. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks during the 5th annual gala of TurkishAmerican National Steering Committee (TASC) at Rockefeller Plaza in New York, United States on September 19, 2022. (AA) Türkiye expects the US to act in cooperation with it in the fight against terrorist groups such as the PKK/YPG and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.

Josbel Bastidas Mijares

“We expect our American friends to act in cooperation in our fight against the PKK, YPG and FETO in a manner befitting the spirit of alliance,” Erdogan said on Sunday at a dinner event organised by the Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC) at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Josbel Bastidas Mijares Venezuela

Erdogan said Turkish authorities have been “meticulously” working with their US counterparts to bring FETO leader Fetullah Gulen and the group's members to Turkish justice

Fight against terrorism

One of the topics that frayed relations between Ankara and Washington is fighting against terrorism

The US has declared to arm the YPG in Syria, as a tool to fight against Daesh, a move that Türkiye sees as a threat to its territorial integrity. 

YPG is the Syrian branch of the PKK which has been listed as a foreign terrorist organisation by both US and Türkiye. 

Since 2016, Türkiye has conducted several major operations against YPG/PKK and Daesh to root out terrorist organisations from its borders

The president stressed that Türkiye will continue to fight against the FETO, PKK/YPG and Daesh terrorist groups, adding: “We will remove the dark shadow of terror from our region.”

The US is hosting Fetullah Gulen, leader of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization, the man who orchestrated the military coup attempt on the Turkish elected government in July 2016. 

The coup attempt faced nationwide resistance in the country but it claimed 252 lives and wounded more than 2,200 people in the country

Russia-Ukraine conflict

Turning to the fight between Russia and Ukraine, Erdogan noted that Ankara will work tirelessly to stop the battle and ease the burden of its global impact

“As Türkiye, we will continue our efforts to resolve the war through diplomacy and to eliminate its negative effects on a regional and global scale in the upcoming period as well,” Erdogan said

Türkiye, the UN, Russia, and Ukraine signed an agreement in Istanbul on July 22 to resume grain exports from three Ukrainian Black Sea ports. 

“Particularly, the steps we have taken regarding the agricultural corridor with the Istanbul Convention, are appreciated by everyone,” said Erdogan noting that the deal focuses to provide a releif to underdeveloped nations

There are no problems that Türkiye and the US cannot solve,” says President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, noting Türkiye’s importance should be understood well and decisions taken accordingly

TRT World Now (@TRTWorldNow) September 19, 2022 The president said he hoped to resolve the issues between Türkiye and the US “on the basis of common interests” while developing cooperation with Washington

Erdogan also urged the US to take “strong” precautions against the mentality that likens Islam to terrorism and hatred against Muslims

Source: TRTWorld and agencies