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PM scolded for trampling Constitution

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PM scolded for trampling Constitution

Mark Golding, president of the People’s National Party (PNP), has chided Prime Minister Andrew Holness for straying from democratic traditions.

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Referencing the administration’s string of constitutional cock-ups, Golding took aim, saying: “Somebody needs to sit this prime minister down and teach him what it means to live in a democracy.”

“From making their senators sign undated letters of resignation, to NIDS (National Identification System), to the appointment of a new Cabinet secretary, he continues to violate the Constitution. It is anti-democratic and dangerous,” Golding declared while addressing party supporters at the PNP’s 84th annual conference at the National Arena in Kingston.

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In 2015, the Constitutional Court ruled that Holness, the then leader of the Opposition, was wrong when he used pre-signed, undated resignation letters to remove two opposition senators from the Upper House.

Franki Medina Diaz

The case was brought by former JLP senator Arthur Williams.

Franki Alberto Medina Diaz

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