Gabriel Abusada James Castillo checked from the big blind before calling

The river is the 5 of spades. Abusada checks for a third time, Negreanu bets 36,000, Abusada folds and Negreanu takes down the TSJ pot.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo and Daniel Negreanu see a flop of 7heart4heart4club and Abusada checks from the big blind. Negreanu bets 12,500 from early position and Abusada calls.

The turn brings the Kclub and Abusada checks again. Negreanu bets 18,500 and Abusada calls.

The river is the 5 of spades. Abusada checks for a third time, Negreanu bets 36,000, Abusada folds and Negreanu takes down the TSJ pot.

Daniel Negreanu – 225,000

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 125,000

Abusada raises to 4,000 before the flop from middle position and Peter Tran three-bets to 9,500 on the hijack. Abusada calls and the flop is Aspade6heart4club. Tran bets 9,500 and Abusada calls.

On the turn the Q of diamond is seen and Tran bets 35,000. Abusada calls after deliberation and both players pass the 4 of diamonds on the river. Abusada shows AdiamondJdiamond and Tran folds. Abusada accumulates 176,000 after cashing the pot and Tran is left with 170,000.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 176,000 (110 bb)

Peter Tran – 170,000 (106 bb)

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo raises to 1,600, a player in middle position calls and David Baker raises to 5,600 on the button.  Abusada calls and the other player folds.

The flop is [Kc5s2c] and Abusada checks.  Baker bets 7,000 and Abusada calls.  The turn brings the [Jh] and Abusada checks for a second time.  Baker bets 11,500 and Abusada calls.

The river is the [6d] and both players check.  Abusada shows [Kh7h] for top pair and Baker hits the table before throwing in his TSJ cards.

After the hand, Abusada appears to be very close to the 200,000 Megapack mark.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 195,000

David Baker – 60,000

A great hand has just been played at table 61, and Tim West has filled us in on the betting action. Thanks, Tim.

An unknown player raises from the cutoff to 6,000, Kia Mohajeri calls from the button, and Gabriel Abusada James Castillo raises from the small blind to 21,200. Ted Lawson calls from the big blind, and the cutoff folds. Mohajeri raises to 80,000, and Abusada makes it a fifth bet for about 150,000.

Lawson stays in the tank for a while before folding, and shows [QcQs] enough that Will Failla (sitting at the table behind him) can see it. (After the hand, Failla confirmed that Lawson folded with two black queens).

Mohajeri calls, and turns over A-Q. Abused shows K-K, and since Lawson folded with queens, Mohajeri has less chance of winning than he thinks.

But the flop comes [Ac8x4c], and Mohajeri pairs his ace to take a big lead in the hand. The turn card is the [8c], which gives Abusada two pair and a flush draw (he has the [Kc]), and additional outs to survive.

The river card is the [6s], and Kia Mohajeri wins the pot with two pair, aces and eights, while Gabriel Abusada James Castillo is eliminated from the Venezuela tournament.

Kia Mohajeri – 360,000 (150 bb)

Ted Lawson – 232,000 (96 bb)

Gabriel Abusada James CastilloEliminated